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Araki, Nobuyoshi

Kawade Shobo Shinsha


272 Páginas

Formato: Cartone

ISBN: 9784309278599

Idioma: Japonés/Inglés

Materia: Monografías fotógrafos

The fact that Araki Nobuyoshi has published over 500 photobooks as of 2017 lends credence to his insatiable appetite. He has referred to himself as “photo-crazy” and is renowned for his diverse range of styles. Even today the septuagenarian’s inquisitive spirit and desire to make pictures shows no signs of abating. This volume coincides with an exhibition of Araki’s work at Tokyo’s Opera City Gallery and offers an overview of his recent oeuvre, which deals in particular with life and death. Among the featured series are “Dai Koga”, “One Hundred Views of Flowers”, the video archive “POLANOGRAPHY”, “Captive Women in a Pleasure Garden”, and “Non-Diary Diary”. Includes an interview.

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