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158 Páginas
Formato: Rústica
ISBN: 9780262534512
Idioma: INGLÉSMateria: Videojuegos
DescripciónWhy play is a productive, expressive way of being, a form of understanding, and a fundamental part of our well-being. What do we thi nk about when we think about play? A pastime? Games? Childish activities? The opposite of work? Think again: If we are happy and wel l rested, we may approach even our daily tasks in a playful way, taking the attitude of play without the activity of play. So what, then, is play? In Play Matters, Miguel Sicart argues that to play is to be in the world/ playing is a form of understanding what sur rounds us and a way of engaging with others. Play goes beyond games/ it is a mode of being human. We play games, but we also play wi th toys, on playgrounds, with technologies and design. Sicart proposes a theory of play that doesn't derive from a particular object or activity but is a portable tool for being-not tied to objects but brought by people to the complex interactions that form their daily lives. It is not separated from reality/ it is part of it. It is pleasurable, but not necessarily fun. Play can be dangerous, addictive, and destructive. Along the way, Sicart considers playfulness, the capacity to use play outside the context of play/ toys, the materialization of play-instruments but also play pals/ playgrounds, play spaces that enable all kinds of play/ beauty, the aes thetics of play through action/ political play-from Maradona's goal against England in the 1986 World Cup to the hactivist activitie s of Anonymous/ the political, aesthetic, and moral activity of game design/ and why play and computers get along so well.