Olga Picasso

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Author: Laie

Olga Khokhlova (1891 - 1955) was a ballerina of the Ballets Russes and the first wife of Pablo Picasso. She met the artist in Rome in 1917, when he made the sets and costumes of the Parade ballet. From that moment on she became the protagonist of her works, giving rise to the "Olga period".
The exhibition shows how the representation of the figure of Olga was transformed at the same time as her relationship with Picasso changed: from the most classic portraits, scenes of motherhood and even the crisis that led the couple to their break in 1935.
In addition to the works of Picasso, the exhibition presents numerous personal objects of Olga Khokhlova: letters, photographs and personal documentation. In this way, the role of Olga and her influence in the work of Picasso is highlighted.
Below you will find a bibliographical selection and a selection of objects related to the exhibition.