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Analogue Guides are a series of curated city guidebooks featuring high-quality, low-key venues distilled through the lens of the neighborhood. Each neighborhood is complemented by a concise set of sophisticated listings, including restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, and serendipitous finds, all illustrated with photographs. The listings are supplemented by user-friendly maps to facilitate navigation of the cityscape. By highlighting aspects of the urban patina frequently lost under the corporate veil of large restaurant groups and ubiquitous chains, the mood and feel of each unique city is captured. The result is a compact, efficient manual celebrating the ingenuity of the contemporary metropolis.

Set amid the stunning natural beauty of the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is at once Europe’s casual beachside metropolis and the sophisticated capital of industrious and design-conscious Catalonia. In recent years, the city has simultaneously seen a strong resurgence of Catalan culture and a cosmpolitan influx of immigrants. Its new diversity is perhaps best displayed in the Born’s wealth of outdoor cafés, delightful restaurants and independent boutiques. The city’s avant-garde has shifted into the formerly industrial Poblenou, while the grand Eixample is home to Gaudí-inspired architecture and the high-end establishments of great Catalan chefs. The guide features the best of what this wonderful city has to offer.

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