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ING, Brussels
Expo: 7/10/2010 - 13/2/2011
Ensor revealed takes the visitor into the artist's workshop, allowing you to discover his thought processes and his artistic evolution. The exhibition is based around three main themes.
First of all, it shows that Ensor was one of the greatest realist painters of the 19th century. His still lifes, portraits, modern paintings and drawings prove that he wanted to compete with the old masters and with his contemporaries, and was successful in this quest. To illustrate this, the exhibition presents an exceptional selection of major works like The Oyster Eater and The Bourgeois Salon.
The exhibition looks more closely at the most original and innovative side of Ensor's work: his famous grotesque pictures and his masks, including masterpieces such as The Astonishment of the Mask Wouse, The Intrigue and Skeletons Fighting over a Hanged Man.
The exhibition includes many photos, archive documents, school exercise books and almost-indecipherable rough drafts or thoughts scribbled onto paper and scored out, as well as unseen work that illustrates in images and words the coherence of Ensor's lively artistic career.
Besides the 65 paintings, over 150 drawings are shown, which constitute the key of Ensor's known works.
James Ensor is finally revealed!

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