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ARTE S XIX (1789 - 1920)
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Austrian art in Vienna around 1900 is enriched by a hitherto little - known representative: the Expressionist artist Richard Gerstl, who died at the age of only 25, has emerged from the shadows of his contemporaries Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele and is introduced comprehensively here. His international significance is demonstrated in an opulent monograph with a catalogue of works. The artistic career of the Viennese artist Richard Gerstl (1883 - 1908) lasted for just four to six years. During his lifetime he refused to permit any kind of exhibition of his painting. Many works were destroyed as a result of his dramatic early death by his own hand, and few personal possessions of the artist have survived. The desideratum that arose has bee n closed by the current volume, creating a complete work. In his subjects - portraits, nude pictures and landscapes - Gerstl, succeeded in liberating his style from Salon painting. He applied the paint in an increasingly pastrose and free manner. In doing so he created pictures which can be counted amongst the most modern works of his time.

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