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Two meaningless deaths provoke two men to change their lives - with dangerous results
A powerful Catalan author gives us a penetrating story of meaningless deaths and personal isolation, set in the heart of one of Spain’s most beautiful, vibrant places.
In the once-bucolic village of Vidreres, already decimated by a harsh recession, two young men have just died in a horrible car crash. As the town attends the funeral, a banker named Ernest heads to the tree where the boys died to try and make sense of what happened. There he meets a brutish trucker who has taken a liking to Iona, the fiancée of one of the dead boys. But Iona is already, only the day after the accident, being pursued by a failed, perhaps psychotic, artist. These four characters, their lives and voices intertwined, grapple with their own guilt over the unfathomable loss of the boys, and perhaps their whole town.
Long known as one of Spain’s most powerful Catalan authors, Toni Sala is at his mischievous best in The Boys, delivering a sinister, fast-moving tale laced with intricate meditations on everything from Internet hookups to Spain’s economic collapse to the incomprehensibility of death. Sala offers us a startlingly honest vision of how alone we are in an age of unparalleled connectivity.

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