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Every morning, my dad makes breakfast while my mum reads the newspaper and I get my school bag ready. After breakfast, we all hurry off...

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!
Here is the incredible, never-before-seen C Family
show. There are no catches in this game, and only
with the help of their fantastic imagination, they are
able to fill even the greyest days with colour!
The circus is much more than a big top with unusual
artists and performing animals. It’s a place where
reality and imagination are intertwined; a place in
this world that belongs to another: the world of
magic and fiction. “The C Family” (C for ‘circus’?) is
about a family that loves the atmosphere of the
circus, and everything it means in terms of the
possible and the impossible. This love of fantasy and
the interplay of reality and imagination means that
the daily routine can be turned into illusions and
dreams. The C family lives a normal life but this
curious talent of its members fills it with colour and
possibilities. As a result, everyday events like
preparing breakfast or going to work can become a
great adventure.
The illustrations, made with a mixed technique, have
bright colours and great expressive strength. The
jury of the III Compostela Prize for Picture Books
described “The C Family” as an “imaginative, original
and modern” work.

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