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Honour to hose to who honour is due.
The book you are holding in your hands -published in Spanish and English, and introduced by the best pens of the country- is a symbol of Santiago affirmation, both pilgrim and tourist in what is universal because it "symbolizes much as much as it symbolizes", like the shell, the jet, the insignia and the crosier that any pilgrim wants to own.
This English edition has been presented by Don Darío Villanueva, a Professor at Compostela University and Secretary of Real Academia de la Lengua Española, and by Don Amando de Miguel, Emeritus Professor at UCM and an internationally well-known sociologist.
It also includes a foreword, a biographical profile and an article by Don Matías Membiela, a Professor and Literary Senior Editor of this publication, plus forty pictures by excellent illustrator Doña Cristina Figueroa.
In the COmpostela dream world that we imagine like El Greco's The birth of the Count of Orgaz, Don Alejandro Pérez Lugín (1870-1926) has his own place of honour besides mestre Mateo, Archbishop Fonseca, Saint Louis IX of France, Isabella of Portugal, Van Eyck, Valle-Inclán, Graham Greene, Sotomayor, Torrente Ballester, Ruth M. Anderson, Huntington, Cosimo de Médici or Hemingway, who also experienced the Jacobean city.
This best-selling novel, THE HOUSE OF TROY -set in Compostela at the end of the nineteenth century and firt published in 1915-, narrates the love story between two people who are the archetypes of youth and ilusion. Gerardo Roquer, a young heir of his father's estate, is sent to study in the most distant university from the city and royal court of Madrid. The student feels exasperated , but soon finds the friendship of his roommates in the House of Troy, which can be compared to the protective comfort explelled by a walk along the streets and gardens of Santiago, the "marvellous" view of its architecture, its commercial traditions, its music, his problems and uneasiness, and the amorous love inspired by Carmiña de Castro, which will be eterrnal for ever and ever.

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