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"The Modernist House" is a comprehensive, worldwide survey of 100 iconic houses from this important movement. This illustrated, broad reference book features examples from the early twentieth century to the present day, ranging from early Bauhaus architecture to the latest interpretations of Modernism. Accessible and easy-to-use like Phaidon's bestselling "The House Book", "The Modernist House" presents a balanced selection of the best and most important houses of this revolutionary movement from around the world. Each house has been selected for its architectural merit, innovative design and contribution to the movement. The selection illustrates Modernism's rejection of traditional forms and analyses its concern for new materials, technology, non-ornamental abstraction and its predilection for white rendering and open plans. All key styles are featured, including functionalist forms, the minimalism of the 'International Style' and the eco designs of contemporary architects. Examples include the early promoters of Modernism, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos and Walter Gropius as well as more recent followers of the device that function defines form, that 'less is more', such as Future Systems, lvaro Siza and Toyo Ito. Each entry consists of a full-page image with an accompanying text, detailing its historical and architectural significance. Organised chronologically, readers can trace the development of the Modernist House from Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, Marcel Breuer's Breuer House II and Oscar Niemeyer's Farnsworth House to Adalberto Libera's Casa Malaparte, Richard Meier's Douglas House and Tadao Ando's Koshino House. The chronological sequence allows for interesting juxtapositions, demonstrating the comparatively different interpretations of the Modernist movement. The book also features a glossary of terms and movements, a directory of houses open to the public and an index. "The Modernist House" is a practical resource and easy-to-use guide, unique in its appeal to both the general public and the practicing architect.

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