Calle, Sophie

Actes Sud


108 pàgines

Format: Tela

ISBN: 9782330000493

Idioma: Francès

Matèria: Monografies d'art contemporani

Accustomed to the art of staging and playing the unveiling, Sophie Calle réexploite here the theme of the autobiography giving voice to the Other, blind from birth or deprived of sight after an accident, and their differences and singularité.A through a dialectic between the testimonies of several generations of blind and photographic work that led from these stories, Sophie Calle is a reflection on the lack of deprivation and compensation of a sense, the notion of visible and invisible.A through this book, she revisits, making the dialogue, three works built and thoughts about blindness: in the blind, founded in 1986, it questions the blind on representation of beauty; in 1991 Color Blind, she asks the blind what they perceive and confront their descriptions quotes from artists on the monochrome; Last picture made in 2010 in Istanbul, histori-cally known as "the city of the blind," gives voice to the men and women who have lost their sight, to ask about the last image they have in memory, last memory of the visible world. The book, which consists in an introspective triptych reveals sensitivities, perceptions and painful events, sincere. Sophie Calle's idea to emphasize the permanence and the irony of a situation, with the desire to deliver and to highlight the importance of vision.

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