Durkin, Andrew

Alfred A. Knopf


400 pàgines

ISBN: 9780307911759

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Assaig música

Andrew Durkin, an experienced jazzman, is singular for his insistence on asking tough questions about the complexity of our presumptions about music and about listening, especially in the digital age. In this winning and lucid study, he explodes the age-old conception of musical composition as the work of individual genius, arguing instead that in both its composition and reception music is fundamentally a collaborative enterprise that comes to be only through mediation. Drawing on a rich variety of examples, Durkin makes clear that our appreciation of any piece of music is always informed by neuroscientific, psychological, technological, and cultural factors, and that how we listen might have as much power to change music as music might have to change how we listen.

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