Walker, Shirley

Krk Ediciones


154 pàgines

Format: Rustega

ISBN: 9788483674642

Idioma: Anglès/Castellà

Matèria: Narrativa anglosaxona

In a remote land of the Eastern coast of New South Wales a young convict struggles though the mangroves and the dense vegetation of the rainforest in search of one of its most precious treasures, the Australian red cedar. Obsessed with the beauty of the wood, he builds himself a small but beautiful cedar house with a room that will later on witness the birth of several generations. Meanwhile, the rainforest inexorably disappears under the axe of the loggers. As the history of Australia, this is a story full of lights and shadows, epic and human, at once dramatic and moving. It is the result of a careful exploration of family memories and silences and a meticulous exercise of imaginative literary creation. It is also one of a thousand other stories of the old Australia that the author considers essential to preserve for future generations of Australians. Praised by the critics as a wordsmith, Shirley Walker’s main literary achievements so far include Roundabout at Bangalow: An Intimate Chronicle (2001) and The Ghost at the Wedding (2009) a memoir chronicling the devastating effects of war on three generations of an Australian family.

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