Ivanisin, Krunoslav; Ibelings, Hans

Sun Publishers


ISBN: 9789085066965

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Construcció / tipologia arquitectònica

As something radically different than for instance “Irish” or “Greek contemporary architecture”, “Croatian contemporary architecture” does not exist. But something else does: distinct “Croatian architectural culture”; a complex of specific adjustments and adaptations to a web of relations that defines the way our physical environment irreversibly changes. Indicators Twenty most outstanding contemporary projects, each within its own specific conditions, illustrate the way architecture can deal with moments of substantial social change that happen in not always the most favorable circumstances, and are brought together by Croatian architect Krunoslav Ivanisin and A10 Chief editor Hans Ibelings. The manifold transitional state is the key condition. Twenty projects are not selected for illustrating some particular “style” or specific “school” of architecture, but because they work not only as paradigms of the current state of “Croatian architectural culture” but also as indicators of wider social situation.

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