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Master Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g
Written by Oracle business process management experts, Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g Handbook is a balanced combination of essential BPM concepts, best practices, and a detailed treatment of all the powerful features and functionalities of Oracle BPM Suite 11g. The book explains how to plan, develop, and deploy process-based business applications and enable enterprise-wide continuous process improvement. Implement successful BPM projects with help from this Oracle Press guide.

•Understand the architecture and functionalities of Oracle BPM Suite 11g
•Master BPMN 2.0 for business process modeling and implementation
•Address agility, business control, and transparency requirements with Oracle Business Rules 11g
•Develop rich interfaces with Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)
•Work with the human task component of Oracle BPM 11g
•Plan a BPM initiative using the Oracle roadmap approach
•Apply the Oracle process engineering method to identify, select, define, and refine appropriate processes
•Implement a business process application using proven technical design and project delivery strategies


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