Wagner, Gaby

Ediciones El Viso, S.a.


152 pàgines

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9788412155013

Idioma: Castellà/Italià

Matèria: Monografies fotògrafs

The Coronavirus of 2020 and the ultimate “lockdown” turned Venice overnight into a ghost town. It was still glittering and beautiful, but it was now deserted and the nights were desolate and mysterious. I couldn't resist the thrill of rediscovering this magical city that I love so deeply in this new atmosphere. For weeks I walked day and night alone through the narrow streets and piazzas…hearing only the echo of my footsteps and the beating of my heart. I felt compelled to capture what I was seeing and feeling. Overwhelmed by the serene beauty reflected in the liquid mirrors of the canals, I photographed the magnificent Gothic and Renaissance architecture… the diversity and uniqueness of the facades, all illuminated by an intense blue sky and the blinding light of the sun. Quietude and perfection everywhere. It was surreal…I felt as if I were in a dream, alone amongst these thrilling marvels. After so many days and nights, immersing myself in this setting…I felt a joy I cannot put into words. It was the most extraordinary experience of my life, which I shall always cherish. I felt I had to share these extraordinary moments with you through my photographs. Gaby Wagner

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