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160 pàgines
Format: Otros
ISBN: 9781982109110
Idioma: INGLÉSMatèria: Narrativa en anglès
DescripcióAmy Hempel is a master of the short story. A multiple award winner, Hempel is highly regarded among writers, reviewers, and readers of contemporary fiction. This new collection, her first since her Collected Stories published more than a decade ago, is a literary event.These fifteen exquisitely honed stories reveal Hempel at her most compassionate and spirited, as she introduces characters, lo nely and adrift, searching for connection. In A Full-Service Shelter, a volunteer at a dog shelter tirelessly, devotedly cares for dogs on a list to be euthanized. In Greed, a spurned wife examines her husbands affair with a glamorous, older married woman. An d in Cloudland, the longest story in the collection, a woman reckons with the choice she made as a teenager to give up her newborn infant. Quietly dazzling, these stories are replete with moments of revelation and transcendence and with Hempels singular, startl ing, inimitable sentences.