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Depardon, R.

Fondation Cartier


144 Páginas

Formato: Otros

ISBN: 9782869251304

Idioma: Francés

Materia: Monografías fotógrafos

The fruit of five different trips to Bolivia between 1997 and 2015, the photographs in this book reveal a timeless Bolivia, where the rural and indigenous populations live primarily from the land. Raymond Depardon’s black-and-white photography highlights the harsh beauty of the landscape, the ravaged faces of the peasants, the omnipresent silhouettes of women, and the magic of ancestral traditions. From the desert plains of Salar d’Uyuni and the mountain village of Tarabuco, to the serenity of Lake Titicaca, Raymond Depardon takes us on a journey filled with humanity, culminating in the discovery of Vallegrande, in the footsteps of Che Guevara, whose image has had a lasting and profound impact on the collective memory.

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