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672 pàgines

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9783836526470

Idioma: Anglès/Alemany/Francès

Matèria: Assaig còmic / il·lustració

Mangificent: From Astro Boy to Akira, the superstars of Since the original TASCHEN edition of Manga Design, Japan’s comic phenomenon has produced yet more captivating characters and a whole host of hot new talents. This revised and updated edition delivers the lowdown on the latest and the greatest makers and shapers of the manga scene. Through an A–Z directory, we discover the superstars—both human and fictional—of what is now a vast global industry,inspiring advertisers, filmmakers, creative professionals, millions of avid fans, not to mention an entire cosplay lifestyle, in which manga devotees in elaborate costume meet to celebrate the existence of their characters at huge conventions from Los Angeles to Leipzig.

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