Pintadera, Fran ; Inaraja, Christian

Kalandraka Editora


48 pàgines

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9788484644224

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: àlbums il·lustrats

We?re all different. And this is how Cándido is presented to us: a peculiar person with a great need to express himself to the world around him, to be understood and accepted. Rarely has such an apparently simple text promoted such a profound and necessary reflection of a complex society as this. The main character of the book, winner of the 11th Compostela International Prize for Picture Books, feels odd; he shares his feelings towards those around him with the readers, while we discover what others think about him. Oblivious to the faceless crowd that follows changing fashions, Cándido feels out of place, but tries to go unnoticed; he?s aware of the sense of insecurity and loneliness comes about as a result of being ignored. And although the world has become a hostile place to nature and people, the positive thing is that there is always a meeting point that unites Cándido and everybody else. Well, not all of them. But that's another story?

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