Nochlin, Linda

Thames And Hudson


224 pàgines

Format: Rustega

ISBN: 9780500286760

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Art s. xix (1789 - 1920)

Linda Nochlin is one of the most influential art historians of our time, and has played a pivotal role in feminist critique of art history for more than four decades. Throughout her career, she has also devoted herself to a lifelong study of Gustave Courbet, arguably the most radical of all 19th-century painters and one of the fathers of modern art. Now, in this landmark book, every aspect of his oeuvre comes under Nochlin's scrutiny - from his vast realist depictions of provincial French life, allegorical works, and paint-encrusted landscapes to his dark, brooding portraits, sensual nudes and earthy still lifes.

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