Brust, John

Mcgraw Hill Usa


592 pàgines

Format: PDF

ISBN: 9780071701181

Idioma: Anglès

A handy, practical, and management-oriented neurology sourcebook delivering everything you need in one easy-to-carry volume

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Neurology, 2e provides busy clinicians with practical, up-to-date strategies for assessing and managing the most frequently seen neurologic conditions in adults and children.

Consistent presentation includes Essentials of Diagnosis, Symptoms and Signs, Diagnostic Studies, Differential Diagonsis, Treatment, and Prognosis
Coverage of disorders in both adults and children
Practical information on common conditions such as headaches, movement disorders, and central nervous system infections
Expert help with ischemicand hemorrhagic stroke, epilepsy, sleeping disorders, dizziness, hearing loss, dementia and memory loss, psychiatric problems, and more
Thorough coverage of diagnostic tests
More than 100 informative photos and illustrations
Updated with the latest findings and developments
This second edition will be valuable to anyone who sees patients with neurologic complaints, whether in primary care or the neurology clinic.


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