Moriyama, Daido

Akio Nagasawa


Format: Grapat

ISBN: 9789202690561

Idioma: Japonès

In November 2017 Daido Moriyama had some business to do in Zushi, a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture which he visits a few times a year. The visits trigger memories of his friendship with Takuma Nakahira, another well-known photographer, when they were both young and eager to discuss their art. Moriyama reminisces about a particular morning in the late summer of 1965, when Nakahira called him and asked to meet up at their usual hangout, a hotel café on the Zushi coast. They ended up walking along the coast until dusk that day, with Nakahira taking pictures of the waves and Moriyama aiming his camera at whatever caught is attention, including his friend.

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