Hernandez, Jaime

Fantagraphics Books


118 pàgines

Format: Tela

ISBN: 9781560977001

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Còmics / novel·la gràfica

Collects the new adventures of Maggie Chascarrillo, as serialized in the Love & Rockets comic book. Maggie is now the resident building-manager of the notorious Capri Apartments deep in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, where imaginary dogs roam its walkways, all the air conditioners are broken, and the empty swimming pool is covered with flies. As if the eccentric, oddball tenants weren't weird enough, Maggie's houseguest and old friend Izzy Ortiz shakes things up with her usual nervous breakdowns, nocturnal screaming, and obsessive fly-swatting.

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