Shannon, Kelly; De Meulder, Bruno (Eds)

Sun Publishers


ISBN: 9789085068297

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Urbanisme

Wars, internal conflicts and natural catastrophes are plaguing the world. Millions of people are on the run in search of new, safer places to settle temporarily or permanently. ‘Human Settlements’ goes in more depth into the aspects of modern settlements that are related to architecture, urban design and planning. Cases Both practical cases from the period 1960-1980 and present-day cases since 1990 are analysed in this book. KTT Housing in Hanoi (Vietnam), the Candilis plan for Chad and other projects are analysed in ‘Shifting Urban Analysis and Design Practices’. The last chapter contains studies of new settlements such as the villages in Sri Lanka that have been created after the tsunami, Nahr el Baret, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, and the Favela Barrio in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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