Pierson, Jack

Xavier Hufkens


58 pàgines

Format: Rustega

ISBN: 9789491245046

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Monografies d'art contemporani

Published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Jesus and Nazimova’ at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, in autumn 2012, this catalogue presents American photographer and artist Jack Pierson, whose body of work includes collages, word sculptures, installations, drawings and photographs. The exhibition “invokes the era of silent film, when Hollywood established itself as a dream factory, making up its stories of legendary characters offered to their fans to worship.” It revolves around the idea of damaged splendour, illustrating multiple links between antiquity and inventions of modernity, acute fetishism and modern sexuality, and includes a critical essay by Elisabeth Lebovici.

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