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ISBN: 9789053307601

Idioma: Anglès

Matèria: Monografies fotògrafs

Chilikov's photography career began in 1976 in the FACT group (S. Chilikov, Y. Evlampiev, V. Voetsky, E. Likhosherst, V. Mikhaylov). Very soon he became a leader of non-conformist photography in his region. Together with a group of like-minded individuals, he managed to organize exhibitions and festivals and to deal quite peacefully with official Photosoyuses. In 1980-1989 Chilikov organized the Analytical Photo Exhibitions ( Yoshkar-Ola biennale) and the annual open-air photo festival on Kudysh River. In 1988 he participated in the finial exhibition of the FACT group at the Na Kashirke exhibition hall (Moscow). Since 1989 Chilikov has been working on a travel series about cities in the Soviet Union. His series, entitled ' Photo Provocations', 'The Countryside Glam', The Beach', 'The Gambling', 'The Philosophy of a Journey' and others, depict the hidden eroticism of people of the countryside that appears even more vital when contrasts with depressing surroundings.

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