Ramujkic, V (Comp.)

Ediciones Assimil, S.l.

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9788690915903

Idioma: Castellà

Matèria: Sociologia

“Extra-comunitarios,” or citizens of non-European countries, have the extra bureaucratic task of changing their status to one that will allow them to move and work “freely” within the European Union. The length and complexity of this process can vary depending on the type of “extra-comunitario” in question. Almost everyone agrees that bureaucracy is the most boring thing in the world. Time spent in waiting rooms and lines is not considered a part of living, but an interference, daily life put on hold with the hope that, when it’s all over, it will be possible to take up “real” life again as though nothing ever happened. It is wasted, meaningless time that has to be erased as soon as the new status is achieved—in the case the process was successful.

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