Burgin, Victor

Gerd Hatje


96 pàgines

Format: Cartone

ISBN: 9783775718868

Idioma: Alemany

Matèria: Monografies fotògrafs

Presented in the Octagonal Gallery, the exhibition comprises Burgin’s two photographic series and video projection, as well as the nineteenth-century photograph by Carlo Fratacci that inspired them. Fratacci’s image of the Basilica at Pompeii derives from an album of 26 albumen silver prints in the CCA Photographs Collection entitled Principales Vues de Pompéi par Charles Fratacci, Naples 1864. The photograph depicts a wide flight of stone steps in the foreground leading to a rectangular space flanked by broken colonnades. Standing in this space is a woman whose wide crinoline skirt and broad brimmed hat give her a strong geometric presence. Likely included by Fratacci to lend the architecture a sense of scale, the figure becomes Burgin’s main focus. Her placement among the columns and her field of view are Burgin’s point of departure for a reflection on the architectural space as well as the emotional impact of a lonely figure among the ruins.British conceptual artist Victor Burgin has created formally powerful black and white photographs and an evocative video that engage the timeless beauty and lasting resonance of a Carlo Fratacci photograph of Pompeii.

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