Kipling, Rudyard

Editions Gallimard


411 pàgines

Format: Rustega

ISBN: 9782070385713

Idioma: Francès

Matèria: Narrativa en francès

Once upon a time there was a Man and his Wife and a Tertium Quid. AII three were unwise, but the Wife was the unwisest. The Man should have looked after his Wife, who should have avoided the Tertium Quid, who, again, should have married a wife of his orwn, after clean and open flirtations, to which nobody can possibly object, round Jakko or Observatory Hill. When you see a young man with his pony in a white lather and his hat on the back of his head, flying downhill at fifteen miles an hour to meet a girl who will be properly surprised to meet him, you naturally approve of that young man, and wish him Staff appointments, and take an interest in his welfare, and, as the proper time comes, give them sugar-tongs or side-saddles according to your means and generosity. [...]

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